Ce face o suedeza pentru niste oameni dintr-o tara de departe…. Ceea ce noi nu mai stim sau nu mai vrem sa stim sa facem pentru cei de langa noi care au atata nevoie de ajutor.

The Bucharest Lounge

Yes. ONEITEM will continue to give to Romania.

Not only clothes, school material and toys.

Mihai pointed out  today :

There are old people too, so adult clothes are welcomed too.

As it is anything else:  furniture, home appliances, electronics (as TV’s are  not used anymore, refrigerators, etc.). What you dont need anymore and is in decent condition, they will take. Bicycles, rollerblades, any type of games, canned or non perisable food, even toilet paper !  Those kids and people there are living 100% off the donations. Keep this in mind please, everybody !

The children and adults are there because  they have nowhere else to go! Simple as that. Old, sick people, who have nobody, who lost everything because of various situations which happened in their lives.

Maybe you should let everybody know, that nobody is turned away, if they knock on Father Tanase’s  door and ask for help…

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